tirsdag den 1. maj 2012


Yukata swag. Right thar. 

So... After having been sick at home for 3-4 days, I finally
got better - just in time for this year's Sakura Festival!

Copenhagen Sakura Festival is an anual hanami-event here in Denmark which is
held every April. This year was awesome as usual - lots of cherry blossom trees,
Japanese snacks, bon odori, ikebana and so on..... and of course, lots of wonderful people!

I wore an old yukata one of the days, as well as many other girls at the festival.
They're so hard to put on right!! The folding of the yukata itself, the obi..... But it was
som much fun, so it was worth the time and trouble!

The one photo above was taken by the talented photographer, and my friend, Silas.
Please do check out his facebook site if you have the time - his photos are amazing!

Me and the lovely Sille. Isn't she gorgeous? 

All of the girls look so great here! Liv, Sille, Lina and me.

Sweet Hopy and Bine!

Ali! Also an AMAZING photographer!

Me, Tea and Lina.

Silas and his girlfriend Sabrina.

Cute Anna 

Aaaah this picture ♥ These girls were so adorable! Sille and I really wanted to get a
picture of them, so we ran up to ask them for their permission - but then I heard them
speaking Japanese and realized that they might not know any English/Danish..... So I
automatically started talking to them in Japanese. Waah. At first they were really surprised,
but then they happily agreed to let me take a photo! And it turned out so nice!

Aaand later we got to lazy and didn't want to run around in our yukatas anymore..
So we quickly changed into casual clothing! Much more comfortable haha 

Well, that's it for tonight's update.. Better go get some 
sleep now, have to get up early tomorrow ( Noo I don't want ;_; )
I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather!!


6 kommentarer:

  1. awh, all of you pretty girls! <3 you look awesome, every one of you. Sad to miss Hanami, but good that you had fun ^^

  2. Line du sød ♥ Det var super super dejligt at se dig igen~ ;w; Jeg håber du fik det bedre og når at blive helt rask til SVS ♥

  3. Awh hvor er i totalt nuttede man <3

  4. One of the best things about Hanami - all the lovely girls in yukatas 8D

  5. Aww, I miss all of you guys XD And it looks really fun!

  6. Det ser vildt dejligt ud. Ville virkelig gerne have været der. So many nice people :'c <3